Want to get the most out of your new iPhone 13? Easy!

You just bought a new phone, an iPhone 13 to be exact. It’s not a cheap phone, so you want to  protect it well. Then there are a few things you need to pay attention to. In this blog we will give you some tips so  you can make sure  you protect your new mobile phone well.

Be carefull for damage inside

When most people think of damage to your mobile phone, they immediately think of cracks in the screen. However, a mobile device can also be damaged within the system itself. This is done by viruses. They can get into your mobile phone in  different ways but the most common  is  downloading files from the wrong website. By installing anti-virus software on your mobile phone, this will happen less quickly. This scanner recognizes the virus in the file and notifies you. This will tell you  not to download this file and your mobile phone will continue to function normally.

Keep it personal

You actually have your mobile with you all day long: when you wake up, you use it as an alarm clock, on the train to work and in the evening when exercising. Especially with the latter, it is important that you carry your mobile with you. For example, if you go for a walk, it is useful to put your mobile in your pocket. It is useful to check whether he can fall out due to a walking movement. If not, it will be safe in your pocket. However, when you notice it’s about to fall off, you can choose to wear your mobile device in a carrying case in your hand. The latter is also useful when running, as you usually don’t have  pockets in sportswear.

Make use of a phone case

Should it happen that you drop your mobile phone, you can still protect your mobile by adding a case. This case absorbs the fall, so that your mobile does not have to take this blow. Are you afraid that a case will look stupid? You can make your own personalised iPhone 13 case at MyPersonalisedCase. This way you know for sure that the case you use for your mobile looks nice.