Suggestions for clothing for big and high men

Shopping for big and high clothes can be a nightmare, almost as hard as dressed in large or high bodies. For some tips and tricks where you have to wear the right clothes for your body type, whether it’s big, high or both, keep reading.

Skip a look that is too big and loose

When you wear clothes that are too big for your body, only function to emphasize your shape. Meanwhile, all extra cloth will only hang and pack, which never flatter (anyone curtain?). Instead, choose clothes that are really suitable for you.

Understandably, if you are tall and thin, it can be difficult to find clothes that are quite long without being too loose. For slim clothes designed for men who are higher, try shopping in shops carrying high brands.

Don’t wear it too tight

Unfortunately, it’s too tight as bad, if it’s not worse, too loose. In tall men, the clothes that are too comfortable will make a tall and a slim frame more clearly. In large and high men, the same type of clothing will highlight all the features he wants to try. Instead, choose the right clothes.

Choose a line or horizontal box

Vertical lines only function to highlight your height, making you look longer and higher. Instead, select the horizontal or small boxes. If you are a big man and look for big and high clothes that will underestimate your thickness, choose a small pattern or dark color, dark.

Check the appearance of your pants

Unless you buy your pants in a special height store, you must always buy high pants. The big and high men often have problems with the crotch of their pants too short or too small. Avoid all sticks that are uncomfortable and rotate by buying pants with a higher increase that suits you through the crotch.

Check your pants break

Ever tried a pair of standard pants just to find them look like capris on you? Avoid the problem by choosing to inseam and shopping longer in stores that carry clothes for big and high men. Ideally, you want the bottom of your pants to fall gracefully to your shoes when you stand up.

Choose flat pants

Pleated pants do two things for big and high men. First, for larger men, folds highlight every negative feature. For tall men, pleated actually makes you look longer and hence higher. So, instead goes for pants or front-fronted trousers as part of your big and high-critical wardrobe.