Simple makeup tips and ideas: eye makeup styles

The world of makeup is vast and rich in colors, products and styles. When you opt for a makeup for the eyes, you feel confused because you do not know which style choosing, as if there were no remaining styles. You no longer need to feel this way, because we provide you here with some of the best eye makeup styles incredibly beautiful and perfect for a Saturday night.

Here are simple makeup tips, ideas and styles that you can apply at home without being a pro yourself.

Makeup Cateye

Create a sexy cat eye is not as difficult as it may seem. You will need a eyeliner who helps you to be accurate. Choose a gel gel and a brush at the eyeliner. Dip the brush in the black lining and create your tail at the outer corner of your eye. Then run the brush along the upper cover to the inward corner of the eye. Fill your lid with the gel gel so that it seems thicker. You will have a winged eye that is perfect for your night.

Bronze Makeup Smokey

Instead of opting for the Smokey Signature eye that looks really dark, change your look with a hint of bronze. You will need three shades to apply this makeup. Put the darker nuance on your entire lid, the shadow of average color in the fold and lighter along the bone of the forehead. After mixing the shades together, smooth your upper and lower lids with a black eyeliner. Do not forget to end your makeup with the mascara.


The eyes of the candlesticks are eyes that shine like the stars. What you need here is a light gold eyeliner and light beige shadow. First, apply light beige shadow on your upper eyelids and eyebrows. Then smoothing your lower lids with light gold eyeliner, concentrating on the internal corners of the eyes. Line your upper lids with a thin line of black lining and end your eye makeup with mascara.


The colors make the eyes look like alive, so why not add taural from time to time! First, apply a very light beige shadow or a shadow of champagne on the upper eyelids to prepare them; Also in the inner corners of the eyes for a look awake. Line your lower lids with a teale lining so that your eyes look more surprising. Finish your makeup by filling your eyebrows.