Silver Stud Earrings for Sensitive Ears – A Quick Guide

Dress, shoes, hairstyle, makeup, everything can be on point, and still, the ensemble looks incomplete without a perfect pair of earrings to complete the look. Why are earrings so important? It is not just the habit that makes us think that something is missing if a woman is groomed perfectly but has no earrings to beautify ears. What makes earrings so special is the way they cast attention to the face of the person wearing them. Even when they are as dainty as the stud earrings.

But despite all these benefits, it becomes difficult for a few people to wear earrings because of their sensitive skin. Though there are various options available today for people having sensitive skin problems, hypoallergenic and nickel-free earrings are the most common amongst these options. But only people with sensitive skin know that hypoallergenic and nickel-free earrings can also cause pain. The best metal for sensitive ears is stainless steel that causes absolutely no harm to your ears.

Why sterling silver only? Sterling silver is 92.5% nickel-free, whereas other silver contains copper, which is only 7.5% nickel-free. Earrings made of gold, platinum, or silver are usually safest for sensitive ears. But make sure the gold is 14K gold, and in case of sterling silver, it is 925, so that there is no existence of nickel in the jewellery to cause irritation to your ears. Be it stud earrings or danglers, you can rock all without suffering pain.

Here are a few sterling silver earrings must-haves that you should own in your jewellery torso.

  1. Silver diamond-studded stud earrings – Diamonds are called the best friend of every woman, and no matter if you set them in gold, platinum, or sterling silver, its charm is going to stay unaffected. Thus, if you have sensitive years but want to flaunt your love for dazzling diamonds, then go for silver diamond-studded stud earrings.
  2. Silver gemstone-embellished stud earrings – A touch of colour can make your everyday look trendy and fun. What else can be chic than having dazzling gemstone of your favourite shade set in the stud earrings? Ruby, emerald, or sapphire, every stone looks 100% luxurious in sterling silver stud earrings.
  3. Silver pearl-embellished stud earrings – Pearls are the most feminine thing you can find on this planet. They are soft and lustrous, not to forget their soft tones can melt anyone’s heart. With a pair of pearl-embellished stud earrings, you are set to make a fashion statement at any party.
  4. Silver heart-shaped stud earrings – Don’t we all love the adorable heart-shaped stud earrings look? The shape is chic yet subdued, which makes it the best option for day-to-day wear. You can rock heart-shaped stud earrings at office meetings as well as friend’s meet-up.
  5. Silver sun sign-shaped stud earrings – Most of us like to see how we as humans strike some similarities based on our sun signs despite having such vastly different characters. You can flaunt your uniqueness with stud earrings that come in your sun sign shape.