Natural makeup

Natural makeup is a new trend taking the fashion world by storm. It’s all about using natural ingredients to make your cosmetics instead of relying on expensive store-bought items that can irritate your skin. Natural makeup isn’t just for hippies anymore!

Natural makeup

Makeup is a great way to express yourself and can be an excellent way to impress your friends. However, makeup is only sometimes good for your skin or the environment. Natural makeup is a new trend that has many benefits over traditional products:

  • It’s better for your skin! The ingredients used in natural products are often healthier than those found in traditional cosmetics. For example, mineral makeup does not contain parabens or sulfates–which may irritate sensitive skin types–and instead uses titanium dioxide as its main sunscreen ingredient (which helps block UV rays).
  • It’s better for the environment! Many chemicals found in conventional cosmetics have been linked with harmful effects on wildlife, including polar bears (which have been found washed up on shorelines after being killed by chemical runoff from nearby farms). These toxic compounds also pollute our water supplies when they wash off our bodies down drains into lakes and rivers, where fish drink them up through their gills.

Natural makeup is a new trend in the world of fashion.

Natural makeup is a new trend in the world of fashion. Natural makeup can benefit your skin and the environment and save you money. Natural makeup is easy to make with items you already have at home.

You can make natural products using common household ingredients like coconut oil, honey, cocoa powder, or even some food coloring to add color to your face!

Natural makeup is all about using good ingredients for your skin and body. You can use it as a substitute for some of the products you usually buy, like foundation or lipstick. The best thing about natural makeup is that it’s cheap, easy to make, and can last long!

How to make your natural cosmetics

  • Use natural ingredients. When making your cosmetics, using only non-toxic and readily available ingredients is essential.
  • Pick a colour that complements your skin tone. It’s best to pick a foundation with a shade that matches your skin tone exactly–if it doesn’t look quite right after application, try adding more of the same product until you get the desired effect.
  • Remember mascara! Mascara helps make eyes look bigger and brighter by coating them with black pigment; if you want this effect without using chemicals on your lashes (or want something waterproof), consider using coconut oil instead!

How to make lipstick

When you’re ready to make your lipstick, here is what you’ll need:

  • The color of lipstick you want to make (red, pink, or other). You can view these on the web or at a specialty store.
  • Some container and lid (like an old peanut butter jar) or a mason jar with a lid. If using metal containers, be sure they are sterile and clean before use!
  • The wax paper will help protect the surface underneath and keep things from sticking as much as possible when applying makeup later on!

Toothpicks – this will help you mix the ingredients and get them into a nice creamy consistency for application.

If you want to, you can add a few drops of peppermint oil or vanilla to your lipstick. This will give it some fragrance, but it is not necessary.

Make sure you only use natural ingredients to avoid skin irritation.

Make sure you only use natural ingredients to avoid skin irritation.

  • Natural ingredients are suitable for your skin and can help it stay healthy, so you must choose products with these ingredients. Additionally, you should avoid applying harsh chemicals on your face because nobody wants their skin to become irritated or break out.
  • If you want a smooth, even complexion without having the appearance of wearing makeup at all (which is what most people want), then consider using powder-based products like blush and bronzer instead of liquid foundations or cream concealers since those types of new makeup tend to look more pronounced when misapplied–mainly if they’re applied over dry areas like around one’s nose where there are wrinkles/lines from squinting; this will make those lines stand out more than usual which could make someone look older than their actual age bracket.


That’s why we recommend starting your DIY beauty routine! It’s not complicated and will keep your skin healthy while reducing waste in our environment!