Mineral makeup

Makeup has been used for thousands of years. Many makeup trends are entered in style, such as clip in your eyebrows, red lipstick, bright blush, etc. In addition, a number of different materials have been used to improve the beauty of the wearer, including directing, Belladonna and formaldehyde. Fortunately, we now know the dangers of these ingredients and the current trend is now using the “pure” mineral makeup.

Although many maquillatures use non-natural dyes, perfumes and other additives, the beauty of mineral makeup is that it takes advantage of the natural colors of the elements. For people with sensitive skin, this pure makeup can help specify inflammation and other skin problems, because additives are usually what irritates a person’s face.

However, all mineral makeup is not really natural and pure. Many companies are charged themselves as manufacturers of real elementary products, but they always add stabilizers and other ingredients that can be found in ordinary cosmetics. People who do not buy in the advertising threshing of mineral makeup as a result when they argue against the benefits of this trend.

In addition, those who constitute anti-mineral makeup argue that the elements and materials composing the mineral makeup have been the main ingredients of regular makeup for years. Some natural ingredient features are common in all that talc is a large drying substance, which can motifify the faces of those who suffer from hyperactive oil glands.

Some mineral make-up companies themselves invite as if pure that a person can sleep at makeup without having to worry about washing their faces. On the other hand, dermatologists disagree with this announcement. Some indicate that the elements grounded in nanoparticles, created to go in feathers, are in reality harmful. Indeed, minerals are molded so small that they can actually soak in your skin rather than sitting on top.

Those who love and defend these natural cosmetics say they give an unbeatable glow because makeup is so light and natural. Really, if a person makes sure that their mineral makeup is really pure and natural, this can be beneficial for their skin in that it keeps them free of the irritating effects of additives.

Another advantage is that some mineral maquillatures have a solar protection factor that can help you prevent you from sunbathing. However, although any protection is good protection, the dermatologists say that the SPF is not high enough to completely dissuade the damage caused by the sun.

Overall, it is better to choose the makeup that works with your skin. If you choose to use mineral cosmetics, you can carefully read the label to see if it is really as pure as it is.