Mineral makeup – Why use mineral cosmetics?

Liquid makeup is so yesterday. These days, women around the world wear the new materialist of minerals.

Those who have not been converted, however, could be uncertain about the concept. What is all trouble when still? Does not put minerals on your face a little strange?

Mineral cosmetics and makeup are hot for a reason. There are many advantages to use this natural product on your skin, which we will describe here.


First, many women are attracted by the natural quality of mineral makeup. Makeup is made up of minerals extracted from the earth. They are first sprayed on a fueled form; They are also sterilized so that they are safe to use.

Makeup is a combination of zinc oxide, titanium dioxide and micronized minerals. There are no chemicals (which is a common cause of irritation and inflammation in the skin). Mineral makeup also contains naturally iron.

Unlike many types of liquid makeup, mineral makeup does not contain talc, perfumes or dyes.

This natural element is one of the main reasons why women are attracted by mineral makeup. It’s a more and more natural way and leave chemicals.


One of the main reasons why women give to wear mineral cosmetics are the look they get makeup. Specifically, the mineral makeup is mild and supplies the skin with a natural glow.

Women who rarely use mineral makeup get a heavy and overdone look to their skin. Often, it seems that they do not wear at all. Because makeup is so lightweight and ventilated, it also looks like anything is on the skin.

Skin care

Women concerned about their skin are also attracted by the makeup of minerals, as its natural state guarantees that it does not fit pores or dry skin.

Unlike liquid makeup, natural makeup and cosmetics are suitable for all skin types. You do not have to shop for “oily” skin makeup or makeup that is preferable for dry skin. Mineral makeup is naturally the best makeup for all skin types.


The application of mineral and natural makeup is generally easier than the application of liquid makeup. There is no demarcation line and the application of makeup is as simple as applying makeup to a brush and applying to the face.

Many women like that, they can mix some nuances to get the perfect shade for their skin. And if it’s the summer, they can add a slightly darker makeup to the mixture and get the right shadow, everything in winter, they can keep it lighter, everything without having to change makeup for the seasons.

Long-term benefits

Finally, the use of natural makeup can provide long-term benefits to the wearer. Many people believe that mineral makeup is naturally better for the skin than other types of makeup. It is therefore believed that your skin will have fewer drought, huzzical or other irritations.