Considerations When Buying a Lightsaber

In the renowned Star Wars franchise, a lightsaber is a fictitious sword shown as a luminous blade. Star Wars enthusiasts have every cause to appreciate it because it was the iconic weapon wielded by some Star Wars in the Jedi Order.

Another advantage of these blades is their conspicuous display, which may be utilized to cut, melt, or burn various components easily. There is a wide range of lightsabers on the marketplace, and here are some characteristics to look for when selecting the greatest lightsaber.


When purchasing a lightsaber, such as the NeoPixel lightsaber, style is one of the most significant factors. The nature of the blade should be considered here, as most versions on the market have either a plastic or a metal hilt. If you’re searching for a unit with a plastic grip, make sure it can survive vigorous cosplay battles. It would help if you also went for a lightsaber with a hilt that resembles a real weapon.

Sound Effects

Any lightsaber should, as a general principle, have ambient sounds, which are typically buzzing and shimmering sounds to accompany the projector engine hum. You may notice, nevertheless, that the sounds produced by various blades have varied characteristics. Opt for a blade that has real movie noises, humming noises, and, if feasible, motion sensor-driven sounds.

Blade Lights

The visual features of lightsaber blades must be impressive. The visual elements on these blades, on the other hand, are made to appear shaky, giving the impression that the sword is vibrating. Additionally, lightsaber blades add ambient sounds to the lighting. You may also alter the color of some blades. In light of this, a high-quality blade can also provide an amazing red-to-blue transformation. As a result, when you turn on a blade with a color-changing capability, it will always light up in a new hue.

Power Options

Batteries power the most, if not all, lightsabers. The majority of models on the market are operated by AA batteries, which may or may not be included in the packaging, based on the type. These swords are inadequate for creating the movie sounds and lights they provide without a power source. When evaluating power, it’s also important to take into account the various lightsabers’ power-saving features.

Control Box

Control boxes are stylish and show on savers, but they can be awkward to use and bulk up your sword. So, before you go out and get one, double-check that it has a small control box and isn’t too hefty.

Detachable body

If possible, go for a lightsaber with a removable main body. After that, you can test the electronics by dismantling the main body. You can also repair the blade and change the battery.


Most sabers come with a removable pommel. This is akin to a coupler, connecting two lightsabers to form a single double-bladed sword. Remove one sidebar’s pommel and replace it with the pommel of another lightsaber. So be on the lookout.

Key Takeaway

When looking for a lightsaber toy or an imitation lightsaber, it’s important to remember that the best lightsaber is unrivaled. The best solution is frequently determined by your desires and, of course, your budget.