A guide to a terrarium workshop


Today, terrariums are becoming more common and incorporated. Many people are now growing a liking to the plants and minimalism. Before you try to get into a terrarium workshop, it is very important to try and understand what it is and how it works. A terrarium simply means a glass container that is sealed. The glass jar must have soil and plants within. Terrarium may feature different types of plants to feature different themes. If you want, you can recreate landscapes using these plants. If you want, you can include plants in the terrarium Singapore. There are many things that you must try to know and understand about the terrarium before you try to go to a workshop.

The background of the terrarium

The first important thing that you should try to know about terrarium Singapore has everything to do with its background. The person who discovered the Wardian case was known as Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward. He did this by sealing mold and moth into a glass jar. This was mainly to observe the behaviors of insects. After a week, he noticed that germination was taking place. He left one of the jars sealed for about four years. Although the plant died because of bad air, it was evident that he was making progress with his experiment. He tested the plant and found out that there were ferns still thriving. It is from Nathaniel’s discovery that the self-regulation concept came to light.

That is the reason why terrariums are now being kept as décor at our homes and around offices. Many people have now developed an interest in owning a terrarium these days. To be honest, terrariums have never disappointed when it comes to décor. They have maintained their beauty since they were discovered back in the 1970s. A terrarium enhances how a place looks.